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Falconstor Network Storage Server (NSS) - Seamless Integration of Solid State & Rotating Storage

Maximize Storage Utilization In Heterogeneous Structures

Falconstor Network Storage Server (NSS) - Seamless Integration of Solid State & Rotating Storage
Key Features
Networked storage over iSCSI, FC and/or FCoE
Physical and virtual server environments
Built in local and remote data protection
Virtual storage with DR and backup
All major operating systems supported
Migrate data without downtime
High availability (HA) and site-to-site protection


The FalconStor® Network Storage Server (NSS) is a scalable, highly available solution that enables storage virtualization and business continuity in heterogeneous environments. Supporting existing third-party disk arrays, FalconStor NSS eliminates storage boundaries and vendor lock-in, providing fast and easy data provisioning, mirroring, migration, snapshots, and WAN-optimized replication. With integrated support for Fibre Channel (FC), iSCSI, and FCoE protocols, FalconStor NSS provides the benefits of storage virtualization across any IT environment or budget.

  • Optimize I/O performance: READ, WRITE, and replication
  • Automated disaster recovery (DR) via RecoverTrac™ technology
  • Migrate and move data across storage platforms without downtime

FalconStor NSS lets you consolidate and tier disk assets. Through advanced services such as thin provisioning, FalconStor NSS maximizes resource utilization to help you get the most ROI from storage investments. With thin provisioning, physical capacity is automatically allocated only when needed. This can be applied to primary storage, replica storage, and mirrored storage.


FalconStor NSS integrates with and enhances VMware technologies such as VMware vSphere, VMware View, and VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager. Support of VMware vStorage APIs for Array Integration (VAAI) extends VMware integration into any storage environment and optimizes VMware deployments with comprehensive, flexible storage virtualization and data protection functionality. Preconfigured FalconStor NSS Virtual Appliances enable iSCSI SAN services on the direct-attached storage (DAS) resources of VMware ESX Server for affordable, advanced data protection.

  • Certified for VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager
  • Heterogeneous support lets you use SANs of different vendors, reducing VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager deployment constraints and cost
  • Enable advanced VMware features such as vMotion, High Availability, and Distributed Resource Scheduler
  • VMware VAAI support enables storage vMotion and data mobility across different storage protocols and vendor arrays.


FalconStor NSS provides enterprise-level storage virtualization technology for organizations of all sizes. It is available in the form of storage appliances, gateway appliances that virtualize existing storage, and small-footprint virtual appliances for VMware environments, as well as HA appliances. In addition, solid-state drive (SSD) models offer storage area network (SAN) acceleration.

  • FalconStor NSS Virtual Appliance: for ROBO environments leveraging VMware technology
  • FalconStor NSS Appliances:all-in-one appliances for SMB and ROBO environments
  • FalconStor NSS VS Series Appliances:HA appliances for the midmarket and enterprise
  • FalconStor NSS Gateway Appliances: integrate with existing third-party storage of midmarket and enterprise organizations.


  • Integrates with servers at the system bus and kernel level, creating a new Flash memory tier
  • Not an SSD - easily outperforms dozens of SSDs and a single server
  • Accelerates applications, improves response times, and boosts efficiency
  • Reduces storage latencies and eliminates I/O bottlenecks
  • Delivers the performance of thousands of disk drives in a single server
  • From 160GB - 640GB of enterprise-grade, solid-state Flash
  • Easy to use, highly reliable


Storage Specification

Model InfoThe following hardware refers to the three available hardware 2U appliances
FMSGA 700: 2 x Intel Xeon E5-2640v3, 8-Cores @ 2.6 GHz, 64GB (4 x 16GB RDIMM, 2133 MHz)
FDRGA 700: 2 x Intel Xeon E5-2640v3, 8-Cores @ 2.6 GHz, 128GB (8 x 16GB RDIMM, 2133 MHz)
FSSGA 700: 2 x Intel Xeon E5-2699v3, 18-Cores @ 2.3 GHz, 48GB (6 x 8GB RDIMM, 2133 MHz)
PerformancePerformance IOPS (using 8 FC ports on FSSGA 700): 550,000 IOPS per standalone node, over 1Million IOPS per cluster
Inline Deduplication (with 1,000 virtual machines and 100% random data with a 20:80 read/write ratio): Up to 120,000 IOPS per cluster using the NVRAM option
Data SecurityNot supported


Electrical2 x hot-plug high output 750W
90-264 VAC, auto-ranging, 47-63 Hz
Mechanical3.44 x 18.98 x 29.75 in (8.73 x 48.2 x 75.58 cm)
Temperature10°C to 35°C
Humidity10% to 80% relative humidity with 29°C maximum dew point
Weight69.45 lb (31.5 kg)
Altitude-50 to 10,000 ft (-16 to 3,048 m)
Warranty3 Years

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