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Falconstor Continuous Data Protector (CDP) - Seamless Integration of Solid State & Rotating Storage

Maximize Storage Utilization In Heterogeneous Structures

Falconstor Continuous Data Protector (CDP) - Seamless Integration of Solid State & Rotating Storage
Key Features
Disk-based backup solution
Cost-effective protect business data
Near-instant recovery from disasters
Provides continuous data protection
All major operating systems supported
Open storage architecture
Physical and virtual server environments


A disk-based continuous data protection solution that provides comprehensive backup, efficient data replication, and automated disaster recovery to ensure data availability.

  • Disk-based backup solution that efficiently and cost-effectively protects business-critical data such as databases, email, and files
  • Enables near-instant recovery from disasters – as little as 5 minutes for files and under 4 hours for critical data + an entire site – versus prolonged tape-based restore
  • Provides continuous data protection with near-instant recovery and high performance, helping drive top-line growth through business continuity and improved service levels

FalconStor NSS lets you consolidate and tier disk assets. Through advanced services such as thin provisioning, FalconStor NSS maximizes resource utilization to help you get the most ROI from storage investments. With thin provisioning, physical capacity is automatically allocated only when needed. This can be applied to primary storage, replica storage, and mirrored storage.

Open Backup Architecture - Supports:

  • Direct attached/internal storage (DAS)
  • Networked storage over iSCSI or Fibre Channel (FC)
  • Physical and virtual server environments
  • Major enterprise operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, Linux, Solaris, AIX, and HP-UX

Flexible Data Capture

  • Continuous or periodic (point-in-time) protection helps you meet or exceed all RPO requirements
  • Data journaling protects information at a per-write level of granularity, letting you recover everything up to the last bit of information written before a service outage
  • Periodic snapshots, up to 1,000 per volume, give you numerous bootable recovery images based on a pre-set schedule, such as every hour or every several hours, delivering far more recovery points than typical nightly tape backups
  • Journaling and snapshots can be used on the same volume
  • Advanced scheduling, retention, disposal, and reclamation optimize snapshot capacity management

Zero-Impact Backup

Eliminates the need to back up directly from application servers by allowing you to back up raw data to tape directly from virtual FalconStor CDP volumes. This provides SAN-level performance without the overhead typically associated with backup and restore operations.

RecoverTrac™ Technology

  • Automated DR - Automates the complex tasks of protecting and recovering data, and resuming business operations:
  • Supports physical and virtual servers
  • Supports any type of storage or networking
  • Physical-to-physical (P2P), physical-to-virtual (P2V), or virtual-to-virtual (V2V) server recovery

Non-disruptive DR Testing

The RecoverTrac tool enables non-disruptive testing of recovery jobs before an actual failure occurs.

Any-to-any WAN-optimized Data Replication

Replicate data from any vendor's primary storage environment to any other storage device. Use any disk and storage protocol that meets your price/performance requirements without the vendor lock-in associated with array-based replication tools. MicroScan™ technology reduces replication data traffic by as much as 95%. This lets you significantly cut back on WAN capacity and monthly bandwidth costs while protecting more applications.


Storage Specification

CapacityCDP Gateway Appliance: 1TB to 500TB
CDP VS Series HA Appliance: 2.2TB to 480TB
CDP Storage Appliance: 2TB to 140TB
CDP Virtual Appliance: 1TB min
Software Only: Varies
Data SecurityNot supported


Warranty1 Year

Ordering Details

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